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Organisation  GraphyStories
Type SME
Address hansen soulie, 70
Country Belgium
Phone +33483581946
Profile Manager Antoine GOUNEL
Sector expertise

Social media

GraphyStories is an online Web and Social Analytics tool for the media industry.

GraphyStories monitors the big data from the Web and Social networks to help content marketers & newsrooms optimize the performance of their editorial activities with technology.


1. BEFORE WRITING : Content discovery & Predictive algorithms


GraphyStories delivers the news about to become popular so that community managers, journalists and chief editors can be more reactive. Thanks to a predictive algorithm and new performance indicators, GraphyStories helps professional identify the most promising content to write now. The tool analyzes more than 2500 international websites and requests the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn platforms to retrieve the total number of shares for all their articles in the long term.


2. WHILE WRITING : News builder

Everyday, GraphyStories unmount smore than 60 000 articles to discover the sources that were embedded. 

Our users can fiilter the news by Youtube embedded videos, Tweets, Instagram pictures, Facebook posts and Facebook videos.

By providing the sources that makes today's news popular, we help content marketing professionals create more engaging and richer news.


3/ AFTER PUBLISHING : Social media & News Monitoring

GraphyStories monitors the social media performance of all the Web Articles and Facebook posts from the leading media in the industry. It also create market reports to allow content marketing professionals compare with each other and set realistic targets in terms of frequency of publication and average interaction per post.


You can try our social media monitoring tool here :

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