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Skillme Ltd
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Organisation  Skillme Ltd
Type Start-up / Entrepreneur
Address via G.Paolo II,100
Fisciano (SA)
Country Italy
Phone 3282636001
Profile Manager Danila Autuori
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SKILLME is a smart web search engine implemented to match, keep in touch and launch headed online business with the most efficient and effective on-line professional, at the right time and at the least cost. It is a digital network of professionals who, through smart technologies collects, analyzes and spread data such as skills, references, availability, costs and contacts and let it deploy on-line, direct and profitable business among clients and professionals.
Skillme is a B2C web solution, focuses to facilitate decision making process, which let tradesman use induction tools, on one side, to submit, to the community of professionals, the project or the problem to implement or solve and, on the other hand, to facilitate the seek, among the on-line leading freelancer, for the more capable professional, at the right time and at the least cost. Skillme solution is a clear and without restrain web-platform, available also by tablets and SmartPhones, which leaves the users the onus of judging the supplier and with whom the required and sought to contact professional appears resulting from a clear, intuitive and effective targeted search process that is, so efficiently designed to best reduce costs and selection time.

Thanks to a suitable knowledge-based analysis and to the processing of data provided by the professional himself about his knowledge and skills, completed by other market, costs, availability, awareness data, evidenced and suitably certificates feedback and marks issued by customers and/or by other relevant stakeholders.

Skillme, therefore, joins in one tool what many similar services today take place only partly or, otherwise, in a not properly integrate way and it aims, therefore, to be the first and winning solution which allows professionals and users easy interaction and fast implementation their business.

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