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Cuicui Studios
Organisation Details
Organisation  Cuicui Studios
Type Start-up / Entrepreneur
Country Spain
Phone 34 984296437
Profile Manager Norman Suárez
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CuiCui Studios is a company focused on creating interactive games for mobile devices.

Our aim is to use technology to create educational and recreational products, giving importance to psycho-pedagogical aspects that help in the education of the new generations and can help adults monitoring the evolution of the users of our apps.

At the same time we provide adults with some interesting data about the intelligences and skills developed by users through an interface for families and teachers. 

Nowadays there are lots of tablets and plenty of apps for children. However, when an adult lends his tablet to a kid, he does not have any feedback on what the kid is doing: what skills is he working on, which intelligences is he developing, how many hours has he been playing, what are his areas of improvement, etcetera.

That’s why we have created an area for parents and teachers, where they can follow every step of the kid, monitoring the apps where they spend more time, which games do they like the most. Our target audience consists on children, Spanish or English speakers, and who have access to mobile technologies.

We can reach our final users in two different ways: either through app stores or through private agreements with schools and educational institutions.  

We are currently on a pilot project to incorporate our first app (containing 12 games) in some schools on the North of Spain for the next academic year. We are signing an economic agreement and the fees will depend on the number of users connected to our server.

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