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CLEVER Cities: Co-designing Locally tailored Ecological solutions for Value added, socially inclusivE Regeneration in Cities

Hamburg (DE), London (UK) and Milan (IT) have decided to create CLEVER Cities. Led by Hamburg, a well-balanced, competent partnership will position the EU as global leader in nature-based solution (NBS) innovation. CLEVER Cities applies a city centric approach, starting by key urban regeneration challenges and employing strong local partner clusters, to foster sustainable and socially inclusive urban regeneration locally, in Europe and globally. 

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The aim of the project is to co-create, - implement, and -manage locally tailored NBS to deliver tangible social, environmental and economic improvements for urban regeneration. 

CLEVER Cities will employ partners’ large global networks to generate rapid and durable uptake of NBS by capacitating businesses and a CLEVER Solutions Basket with innovative technological, business, financing and governance solutions, in Europe and globally. All cities will actively engage in replication, thus, help to meet EU and UN sustainability goals and profile the EU as global leader in green innovation. 

  • WP1 - Designing the CLEVER Nature Based Solutions (NBS) Kwoledge Framework
  • WP2 - Co-Creating CLEVER Cities for urban regeneration 
  • WP3 - CLEVER Fellows - Taking the lead in transfering and customising NBS
  • WP4 - Assessing NBS impact through the CLEVER Monitor
  • WP5 - CLEVER Solutions - From Innovation to Market
  • WP6 - Enabling global NBS leaders
  • WP7 - Sharing the CLEVER Cities story
  • WP8 - Coordinating CLEVER Cities - Project Management

EBN will be a transversal thematic expert for nature-based solutions and business solutions. In WP1, EBN will contribute to developing the CLEVER Knowledge Framework by assessing the green market opportunities and businesses policies which foster or hinder uptake of urban as well as impact-driven financing and investment strategies existing for urban regeneration. This information and the knowledge EBN gains as major partner in WP5, will flow into the development of the CLEVER Cities Guidance. In WP3, EBN will support the generation of start-up financing of SMEs in fellow cities (FE) related to the CLEVER Solutions and provide its expertise to the CLEVER Exchange between front-runner cities (FR) and FE.

EBN will have a significant role in WP5 due to its 30-years’ experience and its network of advisors and coaches in the business sector: EBN will help determine CLEVER solutions as city smartness component. It will lead on a market analysis and business strategy development as well as the development of business, financing and governance models. Here it will particularly develop and prepare uptake of business models to implement CLEVER Solutions beyond the project. For that to happen, EBN will set up and implement a related training and mentoring programme using the business model canvas as well as the lean management approach, leveraging the partners’ networks and EBN members. It will furthermore lead on the market uptake of CLEVER solutions through a programme fostering entrepreneurial activity (incl. boot camps and pitching events).

In line with these tasks, EBN will then support the project coordinator in scaling up and extending the CLEVER solutions by mainly compiling the CLEVER Solutions Basket. EBN’s expertise as well as lessons learnt from WP5 work will flow into the Transition Academy in WP6 to enable cities and businesses beyond the project to take up NBS business.


The ambition of the project is to make cities CLEVER in Europe and around the globe.

The first expected impact is to create a European reference framework in the mid-term. Secondly, CLEVER Cities will contribute to the establishment of tEU leadership in a new global market for Nature Based Solutions and new local green jobs in the mid-term.  The third expected impact is to increase awareness of the benefits of re-naturing cities, and creation of 'communities of practice'. CLEVER Cities looks at enhancing stakeholder and citizens ownership of the solutions through their effective and systematic involvement.  Increasing international cooperation is a key element, and therefore there is a dedicated workpackage to take the European experience into other countries (China, South America, etc.).

All those elements will lead into the achievement in 2020 of a healthier, safer, greener and culturall diverse Europe.

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Project experts

Marion Perrin
Project details
Project duration: 01 Jul 2018 to 31 May 2023
Project funded by Competitiveness and Innovation Framework
Project type: International Project
Eligible countries: EU28 Countries
EBN Project Manager

Florian Sora

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