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Proasistech Smart Solutions – humanising the technology

Proasistech Smart Solutions, a startup hosted at CEEIM, the EU|BIC in Murcia, since its early beginnings in 2012, has been working on the intersection of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), making the technology more human and user-friendly.

In 2015, the startup launched its most successful product so far, HiThing!, the first social network in chat format that enables people to communicate with machines, devices, buildings, infrastructures and other artificial intelligence using natural language.

The Challenge

Until recently, the concept of “connected devices” able to collect and exchange data without human involvement was unimaginable. With IoT, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects and even animals and people with UID (a numeric or alphanumeric string that is associated with a single entity within a given system) have been able to be integrated in the computer-based systems, minimising the human intervention and at the same time improving accuracy, efficiency and economic benefits.

However, the concept of interoperability of the “smart things” bridging the gap between the cyber and physical is still evolving, with scalability and the user-friendliness presenting a main challenge.

Their Story

In 2012, three engineers, José Ángel Noguera, Ramón Megías and Isabel Robles, were inspired to take IoT and AI a step further, developing innovative, open and user-friendly solutions in the fields of smart building, industrial automation, large infrastructures connectivity and remote control.

Proasistech Smart Solutions' founders and inventors of HiThing!: Isabel Robles, Ramón Megías, and José Ángel Noguera

That is how HiThing! was created – as a way to make the world more human, simple and friendly, using an easy-to-use technology – from preparing your coffee or making your home pleasant on the way from work by “chatting” with your Air conditioning system, to checking on the status of equipment to prevent incidents, to even use it to take care of the elderly in nursing homes.


HIThing! is an application based on AI that connects several types of intelligences. With the application, it is easy to interact (even chat via WhatsApp) with Vinci, an Artificial Intelligence assistant, with a smart object, and with other humans using the same unique chat application to do it all.

HiThing! is applicable to multiple sectors, from Industry 4.0 to telecommunications, from home and wellness to health, care and attention of elderly and / or disabled, for manufacturers or makers, in areas such as Smart Cities or Cognitive IoT.

CEEIM and EBN – instrumental in HiThing!’s high growth

Since entering CEEIM’s premises, Proasistech Smart Solutions have had full support from the EU|BIC – from using digital catalogue, mentors’ network, logistics assistance to attending courses, one of them being the accelerator program EIBT that CEEIM made in collaboration with EOI and Alma M&E.

This accelerator was instrumental to enlarge Proasistech’s network and gain understanding how to best enter the market.

CEEIM has been supporting Proasistech Smart Solutions from early beginnings to growth and develop their most important product – HiThing!, when CEEIM volunteered to carry out the tests out on its own building. Shortly after, Proasistech Smart Solutions started partnering with some of world’s key industry players: IBM, Intel etc.

Some of the key players, such as SAP-HANA, SAP’s database and application development platform, came in thanks to CEEIM and EBN Open innovation marketplace, EBN service enabling SMEs and startups incubated at EBN members’ premises to profile their companies and their products / services in order to find partners and collaborators for further development.

Moreover, as being CEEIM’s client, Proasistech Smart Solutions have also got the opportunity to become a member of Ryme+ European Consortium together with CEEIM to help other innovative and together technological companies go global. CEEIM services and personnel have proved absolutely essential for Proasistech Smart Solutions to get a number of projects funded and benefit from Murcia Region’s resources.

At the moment. Proasistech Smart Solutions is looking for industrial partners and investors able to take HiThing!’s high potential to the next stage.

“Starting up turned out to be far harder than we ever guessed, but luckily we encountered the best companions: EBN and CEEIM.” Proasistech Smart Solutions’ team.

CEEIM (Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Murcia) is an EU|BIC located in Murcia, Spain, with the mission to promote entrepreneurship from an early age and encourage the creation and consolidation of innovative and technology-based companies. CEEIM became EBN member in March 2008, immediately after they went into the accreditation process and became an EU|BIC in June the same year. Since joining, CEEIM has been an active member of the EBN community, participating in the EBN events and, along with other EBN members, closely adhering to EBN values and criteria in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Published on 01-09-2017 00:00 by Marta Gomez Andres. 3082 page views

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