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Bluenet - There is always more than one solution if we work together

For October’s edition of Entrepreneur of the Month, with just few days before EBN TechCamp at EU|BIC Città della Scienza, we will introduce you one of Città della Scienza’s most innovative startups – Bluenet. 

Bluenet is a startup specialised in the design, development and production of software, smart card (firmware) and chip on paper applications. Equipped with an experienced Research and Development Centre, the company develops its solutions and integrates the relative systems collaborating with the most qualified providers of complementary technologies regarding both the system and production processes.          


Bluenet Team

The challenge

In today's globalised, mobile society, the need for eID cards is in continuous demand to secure and improve a country's identity architecture. The concept of identity protection is constantly evolving and advancing bringing governments and citizens to a new level of identity assurance.  Bluenet has been responding to these challenges with products which match the latest public-sector requirements.

The Solution

Bluenet has developed an innovative high capacity and encrypted digital stamp, a two-dimensional code that allows the authenticity verification of a document, contains a digital sign and can be printed with a common printer. It can support the public administration or private businesses in digitalizing official documents and simplifying administrative procedures.

For biometric identity or travel solutions, for national identity cards using a proven security concept on multi-application Citizen Cards, BlueNet provides ideal solutions. 

Bluenet technology performing facial recognition 

The digital stamp (BLUeCODE®), patented by the Company, placed on a document, may contain the copy of the same document and the digital sign. It allows transport, reading and verification of the document. The verification software will be free for the final user. The document verification happens through mobile application, desktop application or handheld terminal.

Davide Borrillo, Marketing and Project Manager at Bluenet (on the right), showing the BLUeCODE® technology to Mariangela Contrusi at Città della Scienza.

Authentication or verification functions take place in off-line mode. When an additional security level is requested, as the verification of Certification Authority Key, the system can provide for an on-line mode. Smartphone, PC or specific handheld terminal can read it. The decrypting app is on the digital stores. Once the program is installed, it will start and ask the user to focus the code with the camera. In a few seconds, all the information stored in the code will appear on the screen, if authorized.

How has Città della Scienza supported Bluenet?

First Città della Scienza and now Campania NewSteel -  certified incubator according to “Decreto Crescita 2.0” promoted and owned by Città della Scienza and University Federico II of Naples -  helped Bluenet in accessing open calls and opportunities, while supporting them on legislative and sectorial documentation. The incubator’s team has also been organising monthly and periodical meetings to exchange information, updates, insights with successful entrepreneurs and business' world testimonials.

Città della Scienza has supported Bluenet with dedicated tutoring, mentoring and acceleration program called “Campania NewSteel Startup Accelerator”, during which they have continued developing their business. 

Moreover, the Bluenet team benefited of D.RE.A.M. FabLab of Città della Scienza  (which EBN TechCamp participants will have the opportunity to visit on October 5), to realise some prototypes. 

Last but not least, thanks to Città della Scienza, Bluenet has established valuable professional contacts with University Federico II of Naples, Large Enterprise and Innovative SMEs, clusters and technology districts, banks and venture capital funds, universities and research centers, excellent public and private institutions, national and international networks, professional orders.

EBN member since 2003, Città della Scienza offers space and specialised services to support the creation and development of innovative companies.  Its services comprise of: incubator, science centre, Fab Lab, co-working space and other services serving the entire life cycle of startups.

This year Città della Scienza is hosting EBN TechCamp taking place on 5th and 6th of October in Naples.  

Bluenet team about Città della Scienza:  "There is always more than one solution if we work together."
Associated member: Città della Scienza
Published on 01-10-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 1782 page views

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