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Glob - bringing GPS navigation one step forward

Glob is a French startup hosted by EBN member Val d'Oise Technopole, an incubator near Paris. Glob has created an app that provides assistance to the drivers on the road.

However, Glob is far more than just a driver assistance tool - Glob assists you in choosing the most pleasant way to reach your destination, making the driving experience safe and smart. 

The Challenge

Bring GPS one step forward

Glob aims to break the navigation systems (GPS) rules. The first cane map[1] was created in 1893 for the Columbian Exposition that year (The Chicago World Fair), and some years after that, in the early 1900’s,  the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator[2] appeared, which has become known to be the first navigation device for motorists. However, since then, more than a century, nothing has changed in the navigation systems, they still focus on the shortest or the fastest way to reach your destination, without taking in the account the journey itself.

Loïc Monthorin and Malek Semar, Glob's co-founders, noticed this gap, thinking there is more to GPS than just assisting in reaching the right destination- the navigation systems can also make your journey safe and pleasant. 

Their story

In 2009, with an idea to transform driving experience, Loïc and Malek spent 4 hours a day in their car contemplating on the ways of improving their driving experience. They thought about various constraints which every driver faces, such as financial (car price, fuel, parking price, etc.), administrative (license, registration, etc.) and the ones on the road (accidents, road works, traffic jams, speed tickets, etc.)

However, the freedom to use your own car and desire to overcome those constraints inspired Loïc and Malek to create Glob, an app that integrates smart features to tackle the constraints making driving safe and pleasant. 

“We are working today for the enhanced experience of drivers and passengers of tomorrow” 

                                   Glob’s co-founders:  Malek Semar and Loïc Monthorin


But now, what is Glob?

Glob is an application for iOS and Android that takes into consideration multiple features that tackle typical driving constraints, even making the driving enjoyable. 

How is Glob bringing GPS one step forward?

Glob reduces stress while driving. Glob is already providing a full set of features reducing stress while driving. It is doing so by combining navigation, warning device, traffic prediction, community interactions, etc. Because your needs are different on the road, there is a possibility to customise your Glob: dedicated view for motorbikes, specific traffic info layer for colour blind and many other options. In fact, 3.5 million users are already driving with Glob all over the world.

Glob delivers services to overcome car constraints. Glob is building partnerships with innovative companies sharing the same vision: car maintenance, new ways to refill fuel, pay as you drive insurance, parking, etc. By building these strategic partnerships, Glob provides wide range of features to its users.  

Glob brings GPS one step forward. Glob reinforces its community to bring it to the first mobility social network where driving is “an experience”. The Glob’s founders believe that cars of the future will not only bring you from point A to point B, but will also provide a full range of services. Since 2009, Glob algorithms deeply learn how to create your own pleasant way of reaching your destination, with "gamification" as important concept in Glob, as all the features are playful and useful.

“It’s not about how to get there but how I’d like to get there” Malek & Loïc

Glob has received support from Val d'Oise Technopole from the early phase of their startup, supporting them in all the administrative aspects and helping them with the initial investment (French Tech).

The EU|BIC since 2001, ACCET - Val d'Oise Technopole was established in 1985, with a mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship, support entrepreneurs and contribute to the economic development of Val d'Oise Department.

Loïc and Malek, “For Glob, A.C.C.E.T. stands for ACCompaniment from Experienced team for Time saving”.

[1] Cane maps : source: GISLOUNGE.

Associated member: Star Labs
Published on 01-06-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 3012 page views

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