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InnovHealth: Your global healthcare passport

Supporting startups and entrepreneurs internationalising their business, services or products is one of EBN and EBN Members’ key services. Growing business outside the comfort zone is a challenge, and InnovHealth, startup hosted by EBN Member Innovact BIC, knows it.

Founded in 2016 in France,  InnovHealth uses technology to connect the world of health care, while placing the patients at the heart of the process. Thanks to the support and mentoring provided by Innovact BIC’s programme, InnovHealth is celebrating its second birthday this April while exploring markets in Canada, Switzerland and Middle East.

The challenge

While working as an intern – surgeon-urologist in a hospital in France, Adnan el Bakri (InnovHealth’s founder and CEO), quickly realised that the whole healthcare system was organised in silos with limited connection between health professionals, generating significant waste of time and money. He wanted to connect the world of health care, and revolutionise the industry, making it data-driven and more efficient.

Great ideas need business-driven approach to define products/services, and fit market needs in order to turn them into successful businesses. With only an idea in his hands and scientific background, Adnan needed business support to make his dream come true.

The story

Several months after coming up with the idea, Adnan and his team of two staff members applied for Innovact BIC’s awards in 2016. The awards, granted by EU|BIC Innovact BIC, offer the winners 9-month acceleration programme to develop their business in Reims (France).

Adnan’s idea was among the winners, receiving the support which turned to be vital for the success of the startup: "When I found out about the competition, my startup was just a simple idea - Innovact programme helped me turn this idea into a reality which is now worth several millions of euros.”

InnovHealth Team

The solution

How does InnovHealth connect the world of health care?

With help of Innovact BIC, Adnan and his team developed PassCare, a unique “healthcare passport” connecting patients and health practitioners worldwide. By using new technologies, PassCare allows secure recording and data sharing between all health stakeholders worldwide, while also decreasing costs within the industry.

Open to the world

This January, InnovHealth was one of 99 startups selected to exhibit at CES Las Vegas 2018’s Eureka park, which gave the startup additional visibility globally.

At the event, Adnan met Christopher Lambert, French-American actor famous for films such as Highlander, Greystoke and Subway, who was impressed by PassCare’s potential to revolutionalise health industry.  This lead the actor to sponsor Take Care Show®, an e-health day  organised by InnovHealth which took place on 29th of March 2018 in Reims (France).        

Pepper (humanoid robot) - presenter, Adnan el Bakri (InnovHealth)
and Christopher Lambert  at Take Care Show®’s press conference

At the event gathering industry players to discuss future of health, InnovHealth has presented PassCare, offering it to all Take Care Show®’s  guests. At the press conference following the event,  Christopher Lambert has announced that he is investing in InnovHealth: "The PassCare can save lives," the actor said, explaining why he decided to become InnovHealth’s shareholder.

InnovHealth at Take Care Show®

After only 2 years since the foundation, PassCare has been implemented among 3,000 patients by a regional health care insurance company in France, and national deployment among 200,000 patients is currently in the process. Many other strategic partnerships are under negotiations and 3 offices have just opened in Canada, Switzerland and Lebanon, clearly showing great international potential of this business.

Innovact BIC, a certified EU|BIC since 2014, has been instrumental in InnovHealth’s success. The EU|BIC offers high-level incubation and acceleration services to innovative startups in Reims (France). Innovact BIC was born from a joint initiative of Reims Métropole and CCI Reims-Epernay in 2013. CCI Reims became EBN Member in 2009, and few years later they decided to move into the new Technopole Innovact to continue the support and promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently, Innovact BIC supports  over 30 startups.

Adnan, InnovHealth’s  CEO and founder about Innovact BIC: "An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. The Innovact team helped me build this plane – come and build yours!"

Associated member: INNOVACT BIC
Published on 03-04-2018 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 2510 page views

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