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Innotek is looking for BICS with experience / interest in coaching corporate spin-offs

Innotek has been coordinating for more than 6 years corporate spin-off projects funded by Interreg or ERDF. The corporate spin-off projects use a tested methodology for detecting, scanning and coaching the different corporate spin-offs. The scanning tool was developed in cooperation with Maastricht University (MERIT). One of the key success factors of the projects is the use of an external pool of experienced coaches.

The ERDF projects that we have coordinated over the last 4 years have resulted in the creation of 79 spin-offs and 390 jobs:

Project period 03/2009-03/2013. Results as of 20/09/2013.

EU|BIC Interest

In order to deepen and widen our expertise and know-how on detecting, evaluating and coaching corporate spin-offs (spin-offs of existing companies), we wish to find out whether there exist programs or projects in other countries that are dealing with supporting corporate spin-offs.

This is a call to our fellow BICs that might have experience on this matter. We would be glad to hear from them. We would also like to investigate the possibilities on developing an international project on corporate spin-offs (Interreg?). BICs interested in this are also welcome to contact us.

Opportunity details
Publication date: 02 Sep 2014. Submission deadline: 31 Dec 2014
Opportunity funded by Other
Opportunity value: n/a
Eligible countries: All Countries

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