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Michel Duchateau
Name Michel Duchateau
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I am a coach in innovation, trainer in project management & entrepreneur. I am absolutely fond of startups.

Within my company CreaDelta, I help organizations and entrepreneurs skyrocket innovation and gain control on their projects. Practitioner, I spread best practices from Lean Startup movement and Agile methods via trainings & workshops. e.g. : Business Model, Customer Development, Effectuation, Lean, Agile, Pitching, Project Management, Planning, Defining strategy & objectives, Get the best team, Avoid pitfalls of entrepreneurship, Business Plan.

I animate action-driven hackathons to bootstrap team projects like successful startups do.

I am actively involved in +15 initiatives supporting entrepreneurship in Europe like Startup Weekend, JA-YE,, entrepreneurs clubs and Startup Digest Brussels as a facilitator, organizer, speaker, coach or jury member. As Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend Europe, I have participated to +25 Startup Weekend and +5 Startup Weekend international summits so far.

I help startups individually as a mentor and I collaborate with accelerators and incubators, business schools, public institutions in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Examples of recent startups : Houser, Sport50, Nomoko, Visual Scaffolding, Klap, Pictawall, Nail It , Egg3 .

Recently, an entrepreneur I previsoulsy helped sent me news about his business venture. I like to keep contact with entrepreneurs to get feedbacks from their project, their learnings, their feelings.  Another one explained me why he decided to start a new project after two "successful faillures". At the end, it's a human adventure full of learnings, experiences and collaborations.



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