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Name Juien CARBONE
Organisation  METAXU Project
Job title Gallery owner & Artist

Sector expertise:

Julien Carbone is a gallery owner and he is also, as an artist, directly involved in artistic projects.

The Metaxu project, located in Toulon’s historic district, is a brand new space dedicated to contemporary art and the promotion of artistic creation and production

Toulon’s city center is currently under urban regeneration and Metaxu actively participates in helping, with creative initiatives, foster better urban development.

Metaxu promotes artistic creation planning (during a year and a half) enabling to transform the image of the urban space on which it stands and invites the public, artists and other city and countries to participate in this experience.

The Metaxu initiative is actually managed by 4 people, artists specialized in the use of digital tools for art, electronic music, digital drawing, interaction and internet. 

Week after week, Metaxu tries to reinvent the relationship between art and audience while promoting a new place for creating, sharing and fostering exchanges.

See Metaxu project on youtube

Juien works for METAXU Project
Place du Globe

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