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Kenneth OE Sundin
Name Kenneth OE Sundin
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Kenneth OE Sundin – Founder and Owner, SMEBOX

SMEBOX is a toolbox for SMEs – and Kenneth OE Sundin has since start been focusing on the situation and needs of SMEs.

When it comes to bringing new knowledge and competence to the Business the strategical use of net based tools is a great opportunity for most businesses and he has been involved in IT-based Business development for more than 25 years.

Kenneth OE Sundin started his first business in 1987 and is today engaged in the development of SMEs all over Europe. He is engaged in a number of national and transnational organizations with a focus on SMEs and their development.

Owned businesses (some in partnership)

  • ADM-Service HB – Dealer – Software, Hardware and training
  • ADM AB – Dealer – Software, Hardware and training
  • Kungsvägen Skandinavien HB * – Tourism
  • Uppsala Data & Kompetensutveckling AB – IT training/Projects
  • Gluntens Kontorsservice – Science Park Office Services
  • Modulföretagen AB – Development and Channel Management Software
  • KESKON – Consulting and lecturing *
  • Smebox AB  – This company *
  • Landslaget ek.för – Cooperation in ICT – projects
  • Systembolagen ek.för – Cooperation in Software/Hardware/Training
  • Dahlénumakademin ek.för – Start ups and Business Development
  • Hälsokortet ek.för – “Healthcard” – a development concept for companies in health-sector

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