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Name Dorothée Goffin
Organisation  ULG - Université de Liége
Job title Director Smart Gastronomy Lab, Gembloux AgroBio Tech

Sector expertise:

After receiving her Baccalaureat at the European School of Luxembourg, in 1999 Dorothée Goffin began her studies in chemical engineering and bio-industry at the University Faculty of Agronomic Sciences at Gembloux (the predecessor to Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech). During these studies she found her attention being drawn to both chemistry and the life sciences. During her studies, she specialised in chemistry and received her Diploma in chemical engineering and bio-industries. Her final dissertation was on the pollution of internal air in the industrial environment. After a year researching surfactants in Professor Michel Paquot’s Industrial Biological Chemistry Department, she began her doctorate on isomaltooligosaccharides (IMOs) within the context of the Walloon Region’s First Dei conventions (whereby a young researcher is taken on by the Walloon Region and partial financed by a Walloon company, with a six month placement in a foreign laboratory). In 2009 and 2010 she published articles on the structural analysis of IMOs in various scientific journals as well as a review article "Will isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO) a well established functional food in Asia, break through the European and American market: the status of knowledge on these prebiotics” in “Current Opinion in Food Science and Nutrition”. While specialising in enzymatic production and the structural characterisation of prebiotics, she also works very closely with their nutritional application, notably in collaboration with Professor Nathalie Delzenne’s Pharmacokinetic, Metabolism, Nutrition and Toxicology Unit (UCL). She currently works in partnership with various university laboratories in the context of the Waleo Hydrasanté project, focussing on the production of IMOs and pectin-oligosaccharides (POS), based on certain types of beetroot and their mechanisms of action on health, using in vitro and in vivo tests on animals.

Dorothée works for ULG - Université de Liége


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