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Gianluca Coppola
Name Gianluca Coppola
Organisation  EUROCREA Merchant SRL
Job title General Director - EU projects manager

Sector expertise:

Chartered Accountant, chartered auditor, external evaluator DG Industry&Enterprise and REA (Research Executive Agency), an expert in conception and management of transnational projects funded by the EC expert in corporate finance. International Relations, transnational mobility of people in the field of higher education, International cooperation for the development and management of multilateral projects in the field school education, higher education, adult education and vocational education and training, Lecturer in design and management of projects funded by the EC, lecturer in administrative and financial management of EU projects. Author of articles on training and local development, and entrepreneurship.

Gianluca works for EUROCREA Merchant SRL
Via Domenico Scarlatti, 30
Gianluca is an expert in the following projects

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