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Kyle Acierno
Name Kyle Acierno
Organisation  iSpace Europe
Job title Managing Director

Sector expertise:

Kyle Acierno is an international expert in commercial space and a specialist in lunar exploration. Over the past decade, he has developed broad knowledge extending into space science, engineering, law, policy, finance, and business development. As an international speaker, Kyle has presented at over 100 conferences worldwide. He is a member of numerous working groups, both commercial and techincal, and regularly contributes to legal debates surrounding space resources. 

Currently, Kyle works as the Managing Director of ispace Europe. ispace is a lunar exploration and transportation company with its headquarters in Japan and regional offices in Luxembourg and at NASA AMES in California. ispace manages the front-running competitor in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, Team Hakuto.

With both Canadian and Italian citizen and a passion for exploration, Kyle has visited over 90 countries. He speaks Chinese and has limited proficiency in both French and Spanish. He received a Bachelors in International Security and a Masters of Science in Space Studies.

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Kyle works for iSpace Europe



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