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Fernando Freire de Sousa
Name Fernando Freire de Sousa
Organisation  CCDRN
Job title President

Sector expertise:

Qualifications and academic activity

Doctor by Portuguese Universities in International Economic Relations from the University of Porto (1986) and Aggregation ISEG / Technical University of Lisbon (1999)

Doctorat en Sciences Economiques (Economie et Finances Internationales), University of Paris I Sorbonne (1984)

Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto (1970/75)

Professional Career

Secretary of State for Competitiveness and Internationalization, Ministry of Economy (XIII Constitutional Government, 1996/97)

Several academic and professional positions, or in the context of university education (by having central reference to teaching in the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto since 1975) and in business management (Director of several companies and business groups; President of Remuneration Committee of ZON Multimédia, 2008/13; Chairman of the Board of Directors FIEP - Fund for the Internationalisation of Portuguese Companies, 1997/2003; Council member
Management of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation - Berardo Collection, 2010/11; Member of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Area - Financial Training, 1990/96; Principal the Department of Economic Studies, Marketing and BPA Planning, 1983/90).

Macrossetorial expert and consultant, European, internationalization and international management level in which integrated various committees), the Ministry of Finance (1986/87) and numerous companies and associations business. It was also Research Associate at the "Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations
Internationales "in Paris (1981-83). Joined the Committee Cultural Affairs / European Commission (Co -Chair of the "Working Group on Maximizing the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries, in particular que of SME's ") and" Work Plan for Culture 2011 -14 "(" CCIs and Regional Development ") (2008/12) collaborated with the Innovation Agency (2007/09), the Economic and Social Committee (1990-91), the Secretariat
of State for Foreign Trade (1991), the Ministry of Finance (1986/87) and numerous companies and business associations.

He is a member of the Superior Council of the FCP (2007 / present) and was part of the Remuneration Committee (2008/16) and the Advisory Council (2012/16) of FCP-SAD.

Author of several books and publications, has regular collaborations with the press, highlighting weekly columns that signed the Economic Daily (2004/06) and the Public (1992/94), and blog "Private Interests, Public Action".

Awarded in 2006 by the President of the Portuguese Republic with the Grand -Cruz of the Order of Infante D. Henrique.

Fernando works for CCDRN



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