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Olaf-Gerd Gemein
Name Olaf-Gerd Gemein
Organisation  Olaf-Gerd Gemein
Job title

Sector expertise:

Serial-Entrepreneur and Business Architect - describes formally what i am doing.

But, my goals are ambitous - i wanna ship it, always!

I have more than 30 years business experience mainly in the European market as well as recently in North- and South America and Canada. I supported actually 100+ projects from 13 Countries in the ICT sector, building their initially products & services and go to market. 

Expertise: Smart Cities and Urban Development, Internet of Things, Business Development in the energy sector, Insurance brokering for MidCapCompanies, Asset Reallocation, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Financing and Funding

Concepts for Startup Acceleration, BusinessCamps, InnovationsCamps, FutureLabs

Olaf-Gerd works for Olaf-Gerd Gemein


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