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Gijs Kleter
Name Gijs Kleter
Organisation  RIKILT Wageningen University and Research
Job title Senior scientist safety of biotechnology

Sector expertise:

Experience and skills:

  • Broad scientific interest, experience with life sciences from various perspectives, both fundamental and applied (for example, for risk assessments and product development), participant and leader in various past and ongoing multidisciplinary projects
  • Experience with working with international project teams, committees, task forces etcetera, with different working procedures, conventions, and cultures
  • Fields of expertise: food safety, animal feed safety, biochemistry, toxicology, dentistry, biotechnology, food science, risk science

 Outlook on the bioeconomy in Europe:

  • Novel feeds & foods including those obtained through modern biotechnology should be safe for human  and animal health so as to ensure their sustainable contribution to the European bioeconomy; in more detail, the MARLON project could offer a statistical tool for the design of post-market surveillance programs for potential health impacts of animal feeds on livestock, as well as the IPAFEED database with data on the outcomes of controled animal feeding trials with genetically modified crops in livestock animals.

Experiences in translating research to policy-players and/or the market place

  • Risk assessments and advice for national and EU-level policy players on the safety of genetically modified organisms, practicing GMO risk assessment since 1999
  • Leader of activities that generate information for policy makers such as literature reviews on the safety of foods and feeds, including those prepared within the GRACE project (leader of work package on reviews on human & animal health impacts of genetically modified crops) as well as a tool developed by a partner within the MARLON project led by the undersigned for the design of post-market surveillance schemes for potential feed-related health impacts on livestock animals.
  • Consultancies, e.g. mission to Nigeria for EC-TAIEX and Dutch government to advise on the issue of pesticide residues in cowpeas in 2016

Places you have worked

1991-1997 Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam: PhD student), Amsterdam, Netherlands

1998-1999 Institute for Agrotechnological Research (ATO-DLO), Wageningen, Netherlands

1999-current RIKILT Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, Netherlands (research institute specialized in food safety)





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