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Name Jon Harris
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Sector expertise:

Funding opportunities for businesses ready to develop beyond the start-up phase

We focus on capital developments from 20M to 500M (Mid Market) and large longer term projects from 500M and upwards

Our services are available to client corporations and partnerships that are looking to raise working capital in the public and private markets
We provide a comprehensive service that is an end to end solution for raising Capital in financial markets through a well - established network of vendors and market participants in order to satisfy the capital needs of businesses looking to expand beyond their early Seed funding rounds

We are a commercial organisation with a commercial business model – we do not necessarily require an equity share in the business but do charge fees for our work and a success fee based on the amount of Capital raised

We also offer qualifying businesses Treasury Management services during our association with the business to enhance their business and financial success

The opportunities that we seek to assist must meet the following criteria:

1.    All technology must have been completed - where patents and design rights are required they must have already been (at least) applied for and a detailed technology review (where applicable) must accompany any application

2.    A robust management team must have been in place for (at least) the past 12 months

3.    Well developed business and marketing plans must be available

4.    Financial projects that have already been qualified by independent professionals must be presented

5.    Full details of share ownership and partners in the business must be provided

We represent an organisation that provides private financial consulting services to issuers of Corporate Debt instruments on the public and private markets worldwide 

For those with capital that they are looking to return in excess of normal market rates:

Subject to contract and available:
1. HK Bullet Program: 10x Cap
Cash advance after 24 hrs /balance paid in 7 days
Barclay's/HSBC/Standard Chartere
Min: 500M/Max: 8B US$ or Euro

2. Regulated bank trade min $500M max 8B in anyone trade 100% per week (85% net to client) out of London or 6 x bullet on the front end - 100% net to client per week for 40 weeks

For each the platform will need a POF (preferably less than 3 days old) a CIS or better still full KYC and a copy of pass port. Unless the client is an established client of the trade group (platform), they will not consider without a POF or active account statement. Appropriate compliance packages on request

Several new programs -  including HYIPs (500M to 50B in 30 days) and US$ / Euro FX via a Trade Program (Tier 1 Platform) providing FX required plus additional returns to the client

Buyer and seller mandate/rep for bank instruments

Providers: We are presently able to provide: FC and/or SS MTNs/BGs/SBLC - connected to several platforms

Also: high yielding bank instrument programs: please see documents:

2M upwards: Leased bank instruments program - 24M return to client
NB: return figures are based on historic performance

Various PP Programs available from 1M to XXB - please ask (incl. Trust protection)

We are also Buyers: We are the buyer mandate for one group and part of the buyer mandate for others (i.e. we are not brokers)

Dr Jon Harris
Skype ID: drjonpharris

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