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Pedro Cerdeira
Name Pedro Cerdeira
Organisation  Not set
Job title managing director

Sector expertise:

International Leadership | BizDev, Partnerships, Business & Mgt Consulting | Business Angel | Mentor | Enterprise IT

I thrive on passionately taking on difficult challenges, achieving new goals together with the ones around me, while transforming technology into business value.

Yup, I’m a MBTI ENTJ, enthusiastic, extrovert, imaginative, conceptual, and a systematic thinker. Success can be built with focus, determination, and initiative, together with a smile and positive attitude, which always make the difference..

* Computer Engineer, 2 post-grads in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and General Management; deep understanding of the Information Technology market, business processes & key stakeholders.

* 25 years (>14 international) of experience, leading teams, establishing relationships with enterprise customers and strategic partners, in multicultural environments.

* Senior Leadership, Completeness of Vision & Organizational Awareness, Relational (quick to build & manage), Driven for results, and Entrepreneurial (managing change & transforming teams).

* Core executive skills in Business Development, Alliances & Partnerships, and Business & Sales Management, with Value/Volume/Solution/ Direct/Indirect/OEM/ISV business models.

* Translating Technology to Business Value, Solution Selling, Value Proposition Definition, and Product Management & positioning.

* Portfolio proficiency: Digital Transformation, Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Software, Data Center Infrastructure (Systems, Storage, Networking/Comms), Services & Consulting

* Passionate for the StartUp ecosystem, Mentor & Business Angel.

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