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Philippe Lattes
Name Philippe Lattes
Organisation  Aerospace Valley
Job title Deputy Director Space Sector & European Projects

Sector expertise:

I spent 20 years in psace industry, essentialy in earth observation and science domains as team manager and expert rôle, more oriented on future programs.

In parallel, I have developped an international training experience in several fields:

  • directly linked with my professional domain (validation domain)
  • within the university for project management trainings dedicated to research worker
  • scientific vulgarization for journalists

Since 5 years, I'm working in the bigger European Aerospace cluster, Aerospace valley, based in Toulouse.

I'm in charge of space activities and European project. I'm also one of the french Space NCP and Im the project manager of the "Esa Bic Sud France", an incubator dedidated to space and supported by ESA.

Since July 2014, I've found a company in Poland, Kapitech, dedicated to the support of the Polish industry for space.

Philippe works for Aerospace Valley
3 Rue Tarfaya
Toulouse Cedex 4

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