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Jan Gala
Name Jan Gala
Organisation  Jan Gala
Job title Oculus d.o.o.

Sector expertise:

Positive, open, highly motivated and efficient person. Enjoying meeting new people and new challenges. Love art and traveling.

Organizational and managerial skills are one of my strongest qualities. Experienced in different industries and different countries. I gained precious insights in the industries specifics (pharma, retail, tech, services). I also managed different types of people where I had the chance to learn techniques of managing and influencing individuals and groups.

My communicational skills are well developed. I have participated in HIC (high impact communication) trainings. Over the years of leading meetings, giving motivation speeches and presentations to the owner, management board and different groups of employees I learned to communicate clear with the emphasis on key points for better understanding of the message. I can also adjust the level of communication to the listener.

Jan works for Jan Gala



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