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Genna Elvin
Name Genna Elvin
Organisation  TaDaweb
Job title Co-founder

Sector expertise:

I am determined to be a change maker.

At 17, I was a founding member of my first startup created to bring solar energy to the impoverished Marshall Islands. Since then I have consistently seen the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur. I understand the importance of failing quickly and learning fast. 

Upon my under-grad graduation (double degree in International Relations Law and Psychology) I begun working for the New Zealand Government, working my way into the heart of the intelligence units. I gained a first hand understanding of the underbelly of the world and knew from that moment I wanted to change it. 

After moving to Brussels to undertake a Masters Degree in International Conflict and Security in late 2011, I co-Founded Tadaweb - a technology company whose mission is to automate human intelligence by replicating and scaling the processes humans undertake when interacting with online data . My company has now grown to over 30 employees, 7 figure revenues and gained globally reputable investors. Tadaweb has been recognised as one of the globes most disruptive companies. 

Last year I was fortunate to feature in Forbes magazine for my place of the Hundert's List of Top 100 female founders of Europe. I thoroughly enjoy inspiring the next generation. As a result, I present an annual lecture of the Lux Masters of Entrepreneurs students, as well as coaching a high school entrepreneurship team. I speak all over Europe and the UK about the topics I am most passionate about, including (but not limited to) - startups, in particular the importance of product market fit, the lean method, social impact, diversity in the work place, corporate strategy and company culture. 

After all "if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" - that is what I set out to do each and every day.

Genna works for TaDaweb



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