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Takuya Nomura
Name Takuya Nomura
Organisation  Knowledge Capital Association
Job title General Producer and Policy Adviser to The Cabinet Office, Japan

Sector expertise:

General Producer of Knowledge Capital Associacion, Osaka, Japan

Policy Adviser to The Cabinet Office, Japan

President of SUPER STATION, Inc. Osaka, Japan

Guest Professor of Kansai University, Osaka, Japan

Guest Professor of Otemae University, Osaka, Japan


Takuya Nomura was born in Osaka and received B.A. from Kansai University, Osaka, Japan. After several years experience in an ad agency he started his own company, SUPERSTATION, Inc. He has planned and produced various projects for the promotion of the creative sector such as demonstration experiments through high-speed network by the collaboration with universities and industries, an image products contest, “ISCA,” for young creators of college and university students and a creative business matching fair, “Osaka Sozo Torihikisho.” He started working as a general producer of Knowledge Capital, the main business center in Grand Front Osaka located in Umekita area, the very central area of Osaka, in 2009 before the official opening of Knowledge Capital. He has worked mainly on planning of concepts and whole business vision and strategies, and promoting the participation of corporations for joint business and development. He serves as an executive of Kansai Association of Corporate Executives and as vice-chairman of Arts Council of KACE. He is also a member of Osaka West Rotary Club.




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