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Name Steffen Nielsen
Organisation  University of Aalborg
Job title Assistant Professor

Sector expertise:

“Using a heat atlas to reduce energy consumption”

TURAS has helped to support the development of a heat atlas for the city of Aalborg.   The heat atlas gives planners a tool to help them to visualise heat demands and reduction potentials on a building level enabling them ultimately to reduce energy consumption and emissions in local areas. So far, the heat atlas has been used to estimate heat demands and reduction potentials in Copenhagen, Mariagerfjord and Ærø municipalities in Denmark. In the last couple of months, it has also been used to develop GIS maps for municipalities in the Central Denmark Region to give them an overview of potentials for district heating expansion projects.   Partners in Aalborg are also cooperating with the IEE-project Stratego on an EU28 heat atlas with 100m faster resolution, which is so far unprecedented. In this presentation Steffen will present the latest developments and details of the web-mapping system that will be online early next year.

Steffen works for University of Aalborg


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