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Dario Mazzella
Name Dario Mazzella
Organisation  META GROUP Srl
Job title

Sector expertise:

Dario Mazzella is currently working for META Group, an international group supporting the creation of knowledge intensive companies, developing new entrepreneurial programs for the European Commission, mentoring startups and young entrepreneurs looking for early-stage capital, and managing the company’s participation inside international networks. He also managed the overall organization of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2015, held in Milan last March 2015 and gathering professionals from 159 countries.

He is currently doing a PhD in Geopolitics at the University of Pisa, focusing on the economic development of the Mediterranean Sea Basin. He holds a Master Degree in Innovation Management from the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. His research interests are social entrepreneurship, impact investing, startups and new policies for financing innovations. 

Dario works for META GROUP Srl
Via F. Mancini, 23
Phone +39 07 44 84 82 20
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