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CINK is founded in 2011 as Cink Emprende. As a result of the entrepreneurial mindset and restlessness of its founder, Raúl del Pozo, an entity was created, from the beginning, to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Although the initial focus of the services to be provided was directly aimed towards the entrepreneur, little by little, initiatives have emerged, both public and private, that show a socio-economic awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation, which has turned different types of public bodies and companies into the standard bearers of new programmes, and Cink’s direct clients.
Cink Emprende starts with this work of services to third parties and combines it with the management of its own spaces and initiatives.

Thus, in 2011, in the first Cink coworking, located in Cristóbal Bordiú nº 55, the first social incubator was developed, with a high impact, as at that time, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, at a national level, was not yet particularly dense, and an important echo of the activity was achieved. The programme consisted of providing free accommodation for 6 months to 10 start-ups of diverse activity, the only requirement being that they support each other, offering mutual service according to the specialisation of each one.

It would be in 2019 when the two business lines would be divided into the consultancy, Cink Venturing, and Cink Coworking, the one related to the management of flexible spaces.
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