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FINCALABRA SPA is an in-house providing enterprise of Calabria region, with two incubators, one located in Montalto and the other one in Settingiano, with a mission to improve SME competitiveness of the territory. To do so, FINCALABRA manages 3 operative units under ROP 2014-2020:

1. “CalabriaImpresa” providing digital access to finance and entrepreneurs’ growth;

2. “Calabria Competitiva”-supporting Calabrian manufacturing systems and promoting new businesses;

3. CalabriaInnova  - supporting public and private stakeholders including EPRs and SMEs.

In the past several years when launching  TalentLab project, FINCALABRA SPA made a significant contribution to the competitiveness of the local market by supporting 12 spin-offs and 34 new startups. FINCALABRA is also active in H2020 projects, supporting participation in SME Instrument and other initiatives supporting SMEs in the region.

Via Pugliese, 30, Catanzaro, Italy
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