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Global Business Inroads International Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Global Business Inroads (GBI) is a technology, project and international business management consultancy focused on technology transfer, research development, commercialization and internationalization in the sectors of cleantech/climate change mitigation, ICT and Lifesciences.  We specifically assist international organizations in entering the Indian and US markets through our efficient and intensive process that ensures sustained presence and success. We also facilitate Indian companies to internationalize.

GBI has the expertise to identify opportunities in new and emerging markets for new, innovative technologies, develop the market, identify partners/customers, localize the business model, scale the market opportunity, represent the technology company, develop sales pipeline and manage relationships in country to enable a sustained market entry.

One of our forte is to build ecosystems around technology deployment with targeted customers - a strategy focused on putting solutions on the ground and making them work. We focus a lot on the process of technology management.

GBI is composed of a team of experts in technology and international business – with a cumulative experience of close to 35 years specializing in Technology and Project Management, Consulting in sectors including Clean Technology, Life Sciences, ICT, Energy, Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, Supply Chain management, etc. The team has experience in liaising effectively with both the public and private sector in India to promote technologies, identify technology gaps and deploying technologies in India and Asia.

Country focus: India, U.S.A and Europe


Customized market discovery visits to meet customers, investors, key stakeholders

Market Insights: for development,  assessment, positioning

Identification of Opportunities, Projects and Partners

Bootcamps and mentoring on market opportunities and doing business

In Country representation

Program development and management for regional and national governments, NGOs financial agencies and private sector institutions.

International Business Consulting and Technology Transfer: assisting highly innovative technologies internationalize in to new/emerging markets.

Technology and Project Management: assists individual technology companies along the entire gamut of technology management and internationalization providing them sustained presence in foreign markets.

Facilitating Technology and Research Commercialization.

Technology Scouting: GBI scouts early and commercial stage innovative technologies.

Eco System Development for Technology Deployment

Capacity Building and pilot demonstration

Government Liaison

Strategic Financing & Investment Consulting

U.S.A and Europe market access representation and business development services for start-ups, incubators, entrepreneurs, universities and regional governments.

Identification of Project opportunities, Customers and Partners in U.S.A and Europe

Global Cultural Intelligence Training and Consulting: provides unique hands on training on culture and how it influences conducting business on a global platform.

Focus sectors: Clean-Tech, Life Sciences, Renewable energy, Transport, Environment,  and ICT.

Our clients include private technology companies/incubators and international governments/agencies/clusters including BAE Systems, UK (clean energy solutions), Argonne National Laboratory/US DOE, USA (clean technology for transportation), Tessera Solar International, UK (solar), Air Water Treatment, Spain (water and wastewater treatment technology), Sannams4 Consulting, India (clean technology consulting), Gasrec Limited, UK (waste to transportation fuel), Dundee University UK.(Institutional partnership development), Stirling Energy Systems, USA (solar thermal), USDOE/ National Renewable Energy Labs, USA (Off Grid Solar),Customized Energy Solutions, USA (renewable energy trading, demand response), 5C Group, China ( technology sourcing, business incubation and market development), Harold Doan & Associates, Canada (Biotechnology and Agriculture), Highview Power Storage, UK (energy storage), Professional Passport (inter-cultural intelligence for global technology companies), European Business & Technology Centre (an EU-India Clean Tech and Biotech partnership development program of the European Union), Elliot Investments, USA (financing ), US Market Access Centre (a US Silicon Valley based global start-up accelerator), Global Life Science Development Corporation, Maryland, USA to name a few.

We will be happy to share via email, on request, some case studies, success stories, key competencies and a presentation on our services. Most importantly, we would be happy to understand your internationalization requirements and discuss a customised approach that works for you. At GBI we combine years of expertise, intensive domain knowledge, strategic innovation, benchmarked creativity and professional instincts that culminate into a unique value proposition for all your internationalization consulting requirements.
Golden Square, No. 53/A, 16C Main, 4th Block, Bangalore, India
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