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Patras Science Park S.A.

Patras Science Park (PSP) was established according to the model of “Incubator” for New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs). The main scope is to provide high quality infrastructure as well as co-shape the appropriate financial and social conditions that will support and promote the creation, operation and development of innovative firms through spin-off/spin-out processes and intensive technology transfer actions such as the cooperation among the University, Research Centers and the Industry. For almost 30 years, PSP supports the growth of innovative, technology based companies across several sectors such as ICT, biotechnology, clean energy and other industrial technologies, contributing to the City Region’s knowledge economy. The majority of the companies demonstrate a high degree of extroversion.

In the past, several companies needed to expand and “migrate” in other facilities or cities, but still retain their membership and actively contribute to the existed technological ecosystem. PSP presents a good record of such companies like CBL, Antcor, Bytemobile, Nanoradio and Atmel. On the other hand, large multinationals such as Citrix, Samsung and Dialog have established business units in the area to further strengthen their R&D activities, acquiring companies created and developed in PSP.

Furthermore, leading companies in their field (Velti, Althom Engineering) have chosen PSP as their base in the area, whereas other prominent companies or Institutes participate in tenant’s capital share, securing and enhancing the important role of PSP in the national innovation and technology intensive entrepreneurial system.

Today, PSP is home of 29 companies and 1 institution (ISI), employing nearly 150 highly skillful personnel in areas such as engineering, chemistry, physics, medicine.  These companies are catered with a mix of high-quality office space, technical infrastructure and supporting administrative and business services.

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