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How the COVID-19 outbreak may affect H2020 deadlines

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The recent restrictions applied everywhere to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak is raising doubts among citizens in different ways. Due to teleworking measures being implemented, some businesses are facing some limitation in their teams and working capacities, and this may hamper the applicants’ ability to prepare and finalise high-quality proposals. To this end, the European Commission has issued a communication announcing that the deadline to submit project proposals will be extended; please check the new deadlines on the Funding and Tenders Portal.

Regarding active projects, the decision to extend deadlines might be taken by the consortium itself. In some cases, where some costs have been incurred, and when the cost is eligible the clause of “force majeure” can be invoked like any other costs incurred in the action (check “clause on “force majeure” in the Horizon 2020 grant agreement invoked in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak”).

Deadlines related to projects where EBN is a partner are currently under review, and as soon as decisions are known, EBN will ensure that any updates are communicated in due time. This will be relevant for “cascade funding” projects for example if the deadline for applications for grants is extended.

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