greater wellbeing via entrepreneurial innovation

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There are more than 106 Certified EU|BICs and over 43 Associate Members supporting 36.000+ innovative companies in over 35 countries with 1 unifying goal: to drive greater well-being via entrepreneurial innovation.


Covering the full spectrum of innovation sectors, and collaborating for continuous improvement and more impact, the EU|BIC community works toward a green, digital and fair society and the creation of high-quality jobs.

Certified EU|BIC Member
For innovation centres, business support organisations (accelerators, incubators and corporate & academic innovation spin-off facilitators), development agencies, science and technology parks and other organisations who are eligible to be certified for their business support activities.
EU|BIC Associate Member
For chambers of commerce, consulting agencies, business schools & universities corporates, investors, industry clusters and network associations, individuals, and other organisations which are not qualified to be certified business support actors (EU|BICs) and which have an interest in partaking and shaping the EU|BIC community.
Dr Anna Torz
EU|BIC Poznan Science and Technology Park (Poland)
Being an EU|BIC is an exciting way to accelerate PPNT’s development. The opportunities that come with the network of organisations involved in supporting startups are truly worth exploring!
Stojan Gorup
CEO of EU|BIC Sezana
The EU|BIC quality mark criteria most of all they give us the possibility to improve our functioning as we have now the possibility to benchmark our results with other EU|BICs. The EU|BIC quality assessment helped us to think about our own expectations in terms of performances and internal organisation. Within the framework of the Slovene Technology Parks and Incubators Association we are putting much effort to advocate for a better regulation of the industry, and the criteria provide us much help to frame this action coherently.
Laura Lecci
The pan-European EU|BIC business innovation community and the Certified EU|BIC quality label were designed as pioneering models for economic growth, facilitated by the EBN Secretariat. Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed how the model of supporting entrepreneurial innovation continues to be the accelerator for recovery and a solution-driver for global challenges.
Our members, who we serve via the EU|BIC community, partners and the EBN team remain committed to co-design our desired future supported by innovation: creating greater wellbeing to European citizens – and beyond.

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Our pan-European, global ecosystem brings together a wide variety of business innovation stakeholders from Government Organisations, Incubators, Accelerators, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Business Schools, Corporates and Investors, and Clusters and Innovation Parks.


Led by EBN, the EU|BIC community finds, create and participate in relevant opportunities committed to the accelerating of both your and your client companies’ journey.


  • EU|BIC Certification
  • Facilitated network building
  • Project participation
  • Skills-building training
  • Publications and knowledge
  • EU institution guidance

Become a partner

EBN has signed strategic partnerships and alliances with recognized European and international bodies, and local corporates and multinationals. Partnerships contribute to the mutualisation of EU|BICs and their client companies assets (expertise, geographical coverage, key intermediary role etc) as well as to the reinforcement of the EBN and the EU|BIC reputation in terms of:


  • EC policy development and implementation
  • Corporate innovation support
  • Startup – corporate collaborations
  • Establishment and growth of specialized networks
  • Identification of best practices in innovative technologies, methodologies and services
  • Qualitative certification of business support organisations
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