High-quality business support

Members of the EU|BIC community access a wide range of services designed to help you deliver high-quality business support to your clients.


Coordinated by EBN, you connect to a global partner network of executives, industry leaders and best-of-class innovators of all kinds. Enabling you to achieve sustainable growth for your business support organisation, strengthen your position in the region and beyond, and realise certified recognition as a valuable contributor to the ever-evolving ecosystem.


We are on a mission to drive sustainable economic development and wellbeing in our regions.


For Certified EU|BICs and Associate members, the services overview is the perfect starting place for your organisation to start your journey.

Strengthen your position in the innovation ecosystem

EU|BIC Certification

Certified EU|BICs are organisations that meet the highest verified standards of business support services to ensure innovative entrepreneurs thrive.


Becoming an EU|BIC means responding to our mission to use business and innovation as a force for regional development with the best possible actions to create thriving startups and SMEs. In other words, EU|BICs take real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their clients and best advantageous to their regions.


There are now more than 106 Certified EU|BICs and 43 Associate Members shaping our global community.


Certified EU|BICs benefit from:


  • Accreditation and right to use EU|BIC label.
  • EU|BIC Impact Assessment Framework.
  • Yearly benchmarking report.
  • Access to EU|BIC Impact and Activity Study results.
  • Peer-reviews
Realise certified recognition

Meet & Connect

Connect online and meet in person at events, members are part of a powerful community of business leaders, practitioners and innovation partners who can fast-track connectivity within your local and the international ecosystem.


  • Annual EBN Congress
  • Annual Techcamp, for Business Advisors and Technical Experts
  • Best Practice Webinars
  • Partner webinars, hosted in collaboration with our Institutional and Corporate partners


Curious about co-hosting an EBN Congress or Techcamp? Find out more here

Annual Tech Camp, for Business Advisors and Technical Experts

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Facilitating matchmaking, collaboration and knowledge exchange on sectorial and cross-cutting thematic topics, members can join the lively Special Interest Groups. SIG sub-community members share, create and participate in relevant opportunities committed to the acceleration of both your and your client companies’ growth journey. All persons active in a Certified EU|BIC and Associate Member organisation can join the themed SIGs on:


  • Sustainability, Agrifood and Health
  • Social Economy
  • Digital, Creative, and Cultural Industries
  • Space, Mobility and Defence
  • Energy, Manufacturing, and Electronics
Create and participate in relevant opportunities

Training & Knowledge Centre

EBN in collaboration with the EU|BIC community teaches a series of training for business innovation leaders interested in strengthening their contribution to the development of their regional innovation ecosystems.


The hands-on learning journeys aim to provide a step-by-step overview of the tools, resources and best practices boosting business continuity and the delivery of the highest-quality support services.

Training for business innovation leaders

The benefits

Members gain access to the EU|BIC online skills-building training offer and publications on various topics.

World-class expertise
Learn from top experts within the EU|BIC community, EBN, and the global innovation ecosystem.
Network building
Connect with peers, practitioners, and institutional actors enabling growth long after training completion.
Ready-to-use content
Real-life cases enable easy implementation of the latest tools and practices.
EU|BIC Training Tracks
- EU Projects essentials
- EU|BICs Essentials
- Internationalisation essentials
- IP Rights training (provided by external partner)
- EU|BIC Impact and Activity Study
- Technical Notes
- Better Incubation Toolkit

Project Participation

Discover and expand your activities by participating in the world of EU-funded initiatives.


EBN staff provides dedicated expert support in project initiation and application, supports you in increasing your knowledge, and connects you in a time-saving way to new partnerships and revenue-generating projects.

Connect to new partnerships and EU-funded projects
Tender watch service via SIGs
Brokerage events
Expert organisations in proposal writing
Info sessions guided by experts from the EU/EC
Pool of experts
Connections with external partners

EU Office

Born out an initiative by the European Commission in 1984, EBN stays true to its mission driving innovation for greater wellbeing in European regions.


EBN’s team of advocacy experts help you find and access relevant European institutions, stakeholders and policy events supporting the growth of the EU|BIC community and the visibility of members.


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