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EU|BIC BASICS - CEEI Asturias Breaks it Down

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At CEEI Asturias, we mean business. We have a role to play and we act on it. Better yet, we try to get others to act with us. So that together we can create one big community of excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact. Which happens exactly what being a qualified European Business and Innovation Centre (EU|BIC for short) is all about: delivering more to drive business and innovation, economic development, and ultimately wellbeing for the region.
Now, this might sound good, but what does it mean?
To start with the terminology. A certified EU|BIC, such as CEEI Asturias, meets a high standard of specialised support services for innovative entrepreneurs and startups. The certificate is only available for organisations that comply with the EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria–the only quality system for business support organisations recognised by the European Commission–obtained via an on-site evaluation process, peer-to-peer reviews and the yearly self-assessment tool.
Without diving too much into details, it is important to know that it helps answer one big question:
How do the services and activities offered by a business support organisation create a positive impact on its community of clients and its regional economic environment?
The assessment results are made available via individual benchmark reports and in the form of the EU|BIC Impact and Activity Study, and its summarised version, the Report (get it here). You can find the most recent study online (www.ebn.eu/eubic-impact-study).
Better innovation networks

Now that we have your attention, have a look at the impressive insights on how the EU|BIC community delivers on its mission. At CEEI Asturias we are specifically proud of the open innovation programmes involving corporates linked to digitalization, industry 4.0 and the Asturias Digital Innovation Hub and sectorial acceleration programmes in emerging areas such as Bio&Health, Sustainable Mobility, Creative Industries that we have implemented this year.

This growing community represents the most effective way of stimulating innovative businesses: by offering high-quality services and building entrepreneurial networks that deliver solutions for local industries and beyond. It is a community that often shares practices and collaborates to help each other improve. In fact, this year CEEI organised the National Meeting ″Entrepreneurial Regions, Keys of the Future″ with our fellow EU|BICs in Spain.
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