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EU|BIC Atlanpole wins the BPIFrance call for SATT-Incubator-Accelerator (SIA)

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Atlanpole, EU|BIC member of EBN is also the Regional Hub leader of the Pays de la Loire network of technology hubs including two other certified organisations- namely Angers Technopole and Laval Mayenne Technopole– and Le Mans Innovation. Having provided their expertise to innovative entrepreneurs from the region for more than 20 years now, they have recently established a consortium with Ouest Valorisation, a Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (SATT) operating in Pays de la Loire and Brittany with the aim to better serve the interests of the businesses within the region in the sector of Deeptech.  To this end, they will start as from early 2021 a specific programme based on four new initiatives which will reinforce the existing support to deeptech entrepreneurs:

  • Deeptech Day: a dedicated event for start-ups and, more broadly the regional Deeptech ecosystem

  • Deeptech sourcing: a programme to strengthen new business projects originating from research centres and led by researchers

  • Deeptech Matching: a tool for consolidating project teams within Deeptech start-ups, at all stages of development

  • Deeptech Acceleration: a programme to support the directors of Deeptech start-ups during the post-seed phase in moving towards growth

Besides supporting the creation and development of Deeptech start-ups the SIA initiative aims at encouraging existing stakeholders within the region to structure the ecosystem providing support for the development of “Deeptech” companies. This will be further supported through different schemes among which a post-seed fund managed by Ouest Valorisation who is also acting as an intermediary for the French Tech Seed Fund and is the beneficiary of the innovation’s ilabs schemes.

More info on : www.atlanpole.fr

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