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Join CEEI Extremadura for conference on sustainable development though industrial symbiosis

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EUBIC Associate CEEI Extremadura is organising the final conference for the EU Interreg project SYMBI, December 10 at 14:00, online. The project deals with the implementation of regional development policies related to Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy. It had a special incidence in Extremadura through Pilot Action in Extremadura – SYMBIEX 2030, which aimed at developing networks to bring together regional actors, mainly companies already performing activities related to Circular Economy, to try to promote industrial symbiosis in practice.
The global transformation to a circular economy requires moving from linear, highly resource-consuming systems with high emissions, waste generation and high impacts on the environment, towards circular, less wasteful systems that use resources in a more efficiently and sustainably way.
The European Commission recognised the need to transition through the new Circular Economy Action Plan EU as part of the new sustainability agenda, the European Green Deal.
In this framework, Industrial symbiosis is a key instrument for regions to ensure a more sustainable development helping to strengthen regional growth and promoting competitiveness, thanks to the reuse of waste and energy by-products from industrial processes, saving of materials and energy, the reduction of dependence on imported materials and fossil fuels, and creating new business opportunities and jobs, contributing to close the loop for industrial resources.
The conference:
SYMBI, Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Growth and a Resource Efficient Circular Economy, is an Interreg Europe project aimed at improving the implementation of regional policies related to the promotion of Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy from 8 regions.
The SYMBI project Final Conference aims to share with regional authorities and all EU stakeholders interested in Industrial Symbiosis how our partners through interregional cooperation activities based on the exchange of experiences, have already improved policy instruments to develop supporting tools for Industrial Symbiosis focussed on aligning regional policies with the EU Circular Economy strategy to transform Europe into a more resource-efficient economy. Furthermore, we will count on other inspiring projects and initiatives related to Industrial Symbiosis at EU level.
December 10 at 14:00 CET
14.00 – Welcome by our moderator Mr. Richard Tuffs
14.10 Interregional Cooperation – Ms. Alexia Bellemin. Interreg Europe Secretariat
14.20 Introducing SYMBI project – Ms. María Gracia Benítez
14.30 Industrial Symbiosis regional policies: from Learning to Actions
  • Molise Region (IT) – Ms. Francesca Cuna
  • Andalucia – Mr. Raúl Vega
  • Slovenia (+ PA) – Ms Marjana Dermelj
  • Extremadura (+PA) – Ms María Gracia Benítez
  • Häme region (FI) – Mr Arto Saarinen
15.15 What is happening on Industrial Symbiosis around Europe?
  • SCALER contributions for a wider implementation of Industrial Symbiosis in Europe. Mr. Marco Estrela
  • CirClean Network, European Network of Businesses and SMEs for Industrial Symbiosis. Mr. Luigi Lo Piparo
  • INCUBIS, an Energy Symbiosis Incubator for Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Industrial Parks and Districts. Ms. Veronica Kuchinow
16.00 Break
16.10 Funding instruments for Industrial Symbiosis initiatives:
16.45 Conclusions and Clousure
To follow the link to register – https://www.interregeurope.eu/symbi/events/event/3951/symbi-final-conference/ 
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