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We seek trainers, mentors, and speakers specialised in business support to participate in: workshops, training, certification, consulting and EU-project work facilitated by EBN and EU|BICs. Interested to join the EBN Pool of Experts?


EBN is looking to add new experts to its pool of people who are qualified to carry out training and entrepreneurship-support activities.

Among the activities: the delivery of EU|BIC Certification reviews, the delivery of EU|BIC training programme (including the EU|BIC Essentials Track and the EU Projects Essentials Track), the delivery of workshops within the framework of EU-funded projects, and consulting activities during the development of technical assistance services managed by EBN.

Experts may be involved as trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants, or mentors. Responsibilities and compensation may vary according to the type of training or consultancy to deliver.

If you are interested to join EBN pool of experts, please submit your application by completing this survey (non-EBN members are required to submit a cover letter highlighting their motivation to join the expert group, citing achievements and references).

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