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DIGITAL NOMADS – Madeira next working spot for entrepreneurs

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Madeira, its beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, its good weather throughout the year, its excellent food, its culture and activities and … your next working spot? 
The pandemic that is striking us all in our working locations and habits has set new norms for thousands of companies who were forced to embrace teleworking.  What seemed to be a “dream” work situation for a minority who used travel to work in heavenly places might well become a standard for a larger group. Building up on this market Startup Madeira set up all the necessary conditions and made the dream of digital nomads travelling the world full time and working online a reality with attractive conditions and fast fiber internet connections all over the place.  
The project Digital Nomads developed by the Regional Government of Madeira through Startup Madeira offers the perfect conditions for companies willing to set up for 1 to 6 months (February-July 2021) and living as locals in the communities around the island.  Within this project, Ponta do Sol will have a unique pilot project worldwide, Digital Nomad VillageFrom 1st of February February till 30th of June 2021 those digital entrepreneurs will benefit from a free working space where they will be able to work and network with other digital nomads and to mingle with the local community. This project will have a positive impact on the economy of the island through the consumption in local businesses and compensate for the loss of tourists.  
For more information, you can visit the official website:  www.digitalnomads.startupmadeira.eu/
About Startup Madeira
Next year Startup Madeira will celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Since it was created in 1997, Startup Madeira has occupied a major role in stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation on the island.  
Startup Madeira in partnership with the University of Madeira presents a series of 6 episodes on research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge transfer, in Madeira and Porto Santo. In each of the episodes, specific subjects will be explored such as agroindustry, gastronomy, technology, culture, energy, sustainability, tourism, nature, sea, and health… 
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