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ENRICH in AFRICA: A new EU-Africa network building capacity for innovation actors on both continents

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After ENRICH in Brazil, ENRICH in US and ENRICH in China, EBN is proud to announce the official launch of ENRICH in Africa (EiA), a programme funded through the EU Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by Steinbeis 2i in Germany.

This project brings together many key stakeholders from the innovation landscape of Europe and Africa to address the needs for capacity development of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurs in both regions.
EiA aims to set-up a network of incubators and accelerators and builds capacity for the delivery of quality services for European and African innovators as well as support the exchange of knowledge and co-creation activities between the two continents.  The project will be extending the existing ENRICH network, also present in the USA, Latin America, and China, alongside the additional India network which also kicked off at the end of last year. 
Utilising a co-creation philosophy, EiA is bringing together incubators and accelerators across the EU and Africa to act as Champions for EiA. The programmes being designed for these organisations will ensure quality standards and commercial opportunities that aim to support the local economies in which they reside. 
The virtual ENRICH in Africa Centre, a key component delivered in the EiA project will offer a wide range of valuable services, including: 
For EiA Champion organisations
Bootcamp training
Virtual academy
Inter-continental twinning programme and staff exchanges
Mentoring programme
Access to best practice tools
– Promotional activities
Support to access clients
Shared revenue activities
Annual Champions Gathering
For entrepreneurs 
Open Innovation Challenges
Acceleration programmes
Scaling programmes
Access to tools including the community platform
Partner search
– Access to finance support
E-pitching session
Learning Expeditions
You can already find and connect with EiA on TwitterFacebook & LinkedIn to be up to date with all the activities being developed
Read the full press release here
Press contact : Bram Pauwels – bram.pauwels@ebn.eu
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