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BIC Montpellier and Lazio Innova renew their EU|BIC Certification

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BIC Montpellier (Fr) and Lazio Innova (It) had the opportunity to exchange best practices, share know-how, and methodologies during a peer review meeting allowing them to renew their EU|BIC Certification, for 5 years, starting from January 2022.

Montpellier Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), located in south-eastern France, has been supporting for over 30 years, innovative company creators helping them in every step of their entrepreneurial journey. The EU|BIC supports companies in a variety of sectors including Greentech, Health, Agro-Tech, Electronics, Robotics with tailored programs hosted in their three incubator sites: Cap Alpha, Cap Omega, and MIBI. Lazio Innova, the development agency of the Lazio Region, the capital region of Italy, is in charge of boosting economic growth in the Lazio territory. To do so, Lazio Innova offers specialised support to talents, entrepreneurs, companies, and local public bodies, providing a full set of services and financial schemes.

A best practice for the EU|BIC community

Montpellier International Business Incubator – MIBI represents a centre of excellence in the field of internationalisation services offering high-quality office space paired with Soft Landing services exclusively designed for international companies seeking to set up operations in France. Coordinated by an experienced business coach, Soft Landing services include a domiciliation service, temporary office space (fully equipped, ready to use), access to masterclasses and to a network of local partners and qualified anglophone experts at negotiated rates.

Lazio Innova champions the regional development mission commitment of the EU|BIC community with widespread territorial coverage: Lazio Innova runs 10 different Innovation Hubs called Spazi Attivo. The 10 Innovation hubs promote the local innovation culture (entrepreneurship and digital transformation), provide working areas (incubation spaces and fablabs), and deliver business support to local startups from product/service design to “go to market”. The Hubs represent a focal meeting point for citizens, enterprises, and other local actors ensuring of community-building dimension at the core of the EU|BIC mission.

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