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TAGUSVALLEY: delivering opportunity and synergies for its region

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With its start in 2004, EU|BIC TAGUSVALLEY has grown impressively. With the mission to assert themselves as an innovation ecosystem of reference and to boost their regional social-economic development through entrepreneurial innovation, this EU|BIC developed multiple significant partnerships regionally and internationally.

TAGUSVALLEY’s strategy is to identify opportunities and synergies with the regional actors, that fortify them, bring out the best of our region, and create a systemic methodology that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, along with a policy of attracting and encouraging qualified human resources.

Homero Cardoso, Project Manager at TAGUSVALLEY
EUBIC TAGUSVALLEY agri-food Bioeconomics Tourism
EUBIC TAGUSVALLEY agri-food Bioeconomics Tourism

EBN visited TAGUSVALLEY premises on 25th February to learn more about this EU|BIC and explore further opportunities for collaboration. Our Research and Impact Officer Isabel Carreira met with Homero Cardoso and Pedro Saraiva (our host’s Project Manager and Executive Director, respectively) and got to know not only some of TAGUSVALLEY’s supported companies and entrepreneurs, as well as the incubation space and investigation centre.

Their business is split into 4 business units: 

  • INOV.POINT, the business incubator that welcomes innovative and technology-based companies, especially focused on territorial development, Energy, Bioeconomics, Tourism and Metalworking.
  • INOV.LINEA, focused on the application of new technologies, new product development, and innovative techniques in food processing and conservation. Here, entrepreneurs are supported by gaining an understanding of their market, developing and testing new pilot processes, as well as accessing a fully equipped industrial kitchen for testing food products
  • LINE.ipt, the research centre to respond to the needs and challenges companies face in the digital transition to IoT and Industry 4. 0. They develop new technological products; new product concepts (creation of needs), and improve the processes taken to adapt to new industrial products;
  • INOV.CODE, the centre for the education of entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and circular economy.

To date, they supported more than 76 companies which generated around 50 million euros and 148 jobs for the Vale do Tejo Region. For example:

METSA – GIS applied to forest and biologic assets management. This company delivers forestry engineering services based on Satellite, LiDAR and Drone imaging processed over open-source software with proprietary algorithms. TAGUSVALLEY supported them in accessing specific programs for space-oriented start-ups support

DREAM FUSION  delivers cloud services to private and public organizations and has also developed its own product line of firewalls. TAGUSVALLEY has supported them in identifying EU Funding opportunities at regional level, as well as information on National incentives for employment

TECHFRAME – created a new department for gaming development. TAGUSVALLEY supported them in the identification of EU Funding opportunities at regional level and on the connection with potential business partners.

SINGLECODE – develops information systems for industry and is specialized in the development of tailor-made software for ERP and CRM systems. TAGUSVALLEY supported the company from start-up connecting it to business-related training, partner search, EU funding opportunities other Local and National incentives available for innovative companies.

What is an EU|BIC? Certified EU|BICs use business and innovation as a force for regional (economic, social, and sustainable) development with the best possible actions to create thriving startups and SMEs. EU|BICs meet the highest verified standards in business support services and take real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their clients and support greater wellbeing in their regions. There are now more than 110 quality-certified EU|BICs and 30+ Associate Members in over 35 countries shaping the global EU|BIC community.

About EU|BIC Certification: EU|BIC Certification and brandmark is provided by EBN, being a highly selective status recognised by the European Commission. It is the only certification that stimulates business support organisations to continuously improve the quality of their service delivery to client companies. The Certification process uses credible, comprehensive, transparent and independent standards of business support and organisational impact performance.

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