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Ayuntamiento de Madrid: La Nave, connecting entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe and Latin America

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EU|BIC Madrid City Council (Ayuntamiento de Madrid) promotes dynamism in the innovation ecosystem in the capital city of Spain. The Council manages a network of 6 business incubator centres that facilitate innovation and serve as a meeting point for the people who make innovation a reality. Three innovation centres complete their offer. La NaveMadrid International Lab, and Puerta Innovación play a key role in boosting entrepreneurship and scaling up. 

The EBN secretariat had the opportunity to visit EU|BIC member Ayuntamiento de Madrid at its flagship facility La Nave, a 13,000 square metre space with room for individuals, startups, companies, and large corporations. The space is open to public-private collaboration with an entire entrepreneurial network woven around it.

In La Nave, this EU|BIC seeks technological solutions that improve the lives of Madrid’s citizens. It focuses on 6 verticals: Health and BiotechSmart Cities and MobilitySustainabilityBioeconomy and Circular EconomyEdTechFintech and Insurtech; and Retail, Hospitality and Tourism. It offers acceleration programmes focusing on international entrepreneurs, positioning itself as a key connector between the European and Latin American entrepreneurship ecosystems. 

La Nave is an example of open innovation and collaboration between the public and private sectors. It contributes to the growth of startups and the generation of employment. It bolsters our relationship with investors and our collaboration with Research Centers and Universities – it is strengthening the whole ecosystem.

Fernando Herrero General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Ayuntamiento de Madrid

It is also in this space that the South Summit, Spain’s flagship startup event, is hosted. La Nave is a successful case of involvement of the local community, the neighbourhood and its associations and NGOs, within the innovation ecosystem. The activities around this infrastructure have been a great catalyst.

Raquel Jiménez Jiménez, Advisor for Economic promotion, Innovation and Internationalisation at Ayuntamiento de Madrid
EUBIC Ayuntamiento Madrid innovation centre Biotech EdTech Fintech

In terms of activity, almost 6,000 activities have been developed, in which more than 75,000 people have been trained. Since 2017, more than 180 startups have been accelerated, generating more than 283 new jobs and raising more than 13 million euros in funding. Among them:

Ludus Global – a platform for training professionals with virtual reality in health and safety. The platform has 12 products and more than 200 exercises: from bridge cranes and CPR to working at heights, and confined spaces. Ludus Global has more than 100 customers from 15 countries and 4 continents. The company aims to democratize this technology and become a global standard in virtual reality training. La Nave helped them with free space, connection with investors, talent acquisition, PERKs (Cloud and CRM) and mentoring for accelerating. 

USYNCRO – provides a SAAS solution to synchronize all actors involved in a national or international shipment – simply and transparently. Based on blockchain and AI, it makes international trade easier and more comprehensive along the supply chain, automating processes and guaranteeing safe traceability of goods. La Nave helped them with free space, connection with investors and corporations, talent acquisition, PERKs (Cloud and CRM), legal issues (shareholder agreement), coaching, mentoring for accelerating and scale-up.

OX MOTORCYCLES – provides Custom e-bikes that combine the heritage of the motorbike world with new technologies. OX Motorcycles wants to lead the redefinition of the electric motorbike market. Focusing on the importance of design, the use of sustainable energy, and the development of new technologies, the brand works every day to expand and become a global benchmark. La Nave helped them with free space, connection with investors and corporations, talent acquisition, PERKs (Cloud and CRM), coaching, test prototypes and final product with customers and mentoring for launching the product and bringing their production plant to Spain.

Ayúdame3D – a Spanish organization that promotes the social value of technology through awareness programmes. Their goal is to help vulnerable groups around the world. It created a 3D printed arm, with all natural joint movements and a nylon mechanism to make fingers close tightly – the trésdesis. They deliver it free of charge to people with disabilities, reducing inequality, improving quality of life, and providing better opportunities for employability and schooling. La Nave helped them with free space, connection with corporations, talent acquisition, PERKs (Payment platform), coaching, test services with kids and mentoring for creating a business model that helps Ayúdame3D to continue its social activity around the world.

SEPiiA Smart fashion – It seeks to combat the lack of longevity and the unsustainability associated with everyday clothing. To revolutionize the fashion industry, SEPiiA makes comfortable, durable and easy-to-care clothing with innovative and sustainable materials. For local impact, SEPiiA collaborates with workshops and laboratories in Spain and Portugal for its product. La Nave helped them with free space, connection with corporations and investors, talent acquisition, coaching, showing the product in fashion and innovation events and mentoring to accelerate and create new business lines (for women, pants, swimwear).

What is an EU|BIC? Certified EU|BICs use business and innovation as a force for regional (economic, social, and sustainable) development with the best possible actions to create thriving startups and SMEs. EU|BICs meet the highest verified standards in business support services and take real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their clients and support greater wellbeing in their regions. There are now more than 110 quality-certified EU|BICs and 30+ Associate Members in over 35 countries shaping the global EU|BIC community.

About EU|BIC Certification: EU|BIC Certification and brandmark is provided by EBN, being a highly selective status recognised by the European Commission. It is the only certification that stimulates business support organisations to continuously improve the quality of their service delivery to client companies. The Certification process uses credible, comprehensive, transparent and independent standards of business support and organisational impact performance.

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