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E-health University 2022 Summer Camp

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Every year since 2007, the world of health and innovation meets in Castres-Mazamet for two days of immersion in eHealth. A time for interdisciplinary meetings bringing together groups as diverse as telecommunications operators, patients, big data, funders and regulators, and, of course, healthcare institutions and professionals.

On 28 and 29 June, : the eHealth University 2022 summer camp will highlight the major challenges facing decision-makers, manufacturers, eHealth startups and, of course, patients and citizens.

This, 16th annual eHealth University summer camp will tackle each subject head-on by combining different perspectives and expertise. Mon Espace Santé will be at the heart of the large-scale debates as well as the theme of “The instrumentalisation of eHealth” and that of “The place of eHealth in the medical-social care sector”.

This event will also be the opportunity for e-health champions to compete for the e-health awards in the following categories :

Open application from March 19, 2022

  • Autonomy & Well-being
  • Structures – Health and medico – social establishments
  • Patients
  • Healthcare professionals & caregivers
  • Handicap
  • Big Data IA
  • COVID 19

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