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TN#10: Industry 4.0 - The Digital Wave of Sustainable Innovation

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Only a few years after the first ambitious goals on digitalisation and sustainability were set out by the European Union, EBN, its community of EU|BICs and SmartEEs are making well-developed efforts to support the digital and green twin transition. This paper taps into the discussion on the 4th industrial revolution, the potential of its digital wave of sustainable innovation, and how European Industry can attain efficiency gains in manufacturing and reach a smarter, more sustainable, and inclusive economy.

What does this mean in practical terms for companies that shape
the economy? What are the advantages, but also the challenges that come with the new technological era?

‘‘The current geopolitical context shows that more than ever, European Industry needs to innovate’’

Dr Frederic Daumas, CEO at UPPERION and Smart Manufacturing SIG Chair

Making Industry 4.0 Possible, Fast

The Smart Manufacturing SIG (Special Interest Group), organised by EBN, aims to help the emergence of innovations for industrial use to improve competitiveness and reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. As such the EU|BIC innovation community, facilitated by EBN actively contributes to the EU Green Deal and Fit for 55 strategies and catalyzes European regional innovation ecosystems. The SIG brings together different actors (private and public structures) who provide
cross-cutting visions. As Chairman, I have the modest function of ‘spurring’ our members to make their skills and the innovations they support known.

In this first report, we will outline the EU|BIC, EU and SME approach to digital transformation and Industry 4.0: the “why now” question; and the characteristics that participants must understand to partake and thrive in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

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