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#EBN2023 - EBN Congress goes to Brno!

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UPDATED: Experience and connect at #EBN2023 – the largest gathering of incubators, accelerators, science parks and innovation drivers. The latest news and tickets are available at www.ebncongress.eu.

We are proud to announce we will be collaborating with EU|BIC JIC for the 2023 EBN Congress. #EBN2023 will be hosted in Brno, Czechia, on June 14-15.


24 May 2022, Brussels | The EBN secretariat and EU|BIC JIC are delighted to announce their collaboration to host the 2023 EBN Congress in Brno, on June 14-15. The event comes as a JIC will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and will be the first Congress hosted in a CEE country.

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Next year, Congress will focus on “Innovation in uncertain times”.

We were working on this collaboration for a few months when Russia invaded Ukraine. Seeing the human despair and all consequences of war, we felt that the 2023 Congress would be a great forum to address how the innovation community can and has been addressing our uncertain times in the best and most inclusive way possible.

In these uncertain times, we must react in an agile way. Respond to new challenges and seek solutions. We would like to design the upcoming EBN Congress in a participatory way and involve members of the EU|BIC community in preparing its content to help us identify the most relevant challenges we should address. One of them is undoubtedly the crisis in Ukraine.

David Uhlíř, Chief Strategy Officer & RIS Manager at JIC

We could not think of a better place, theme, or co-host for the 2023 EBN Congress. JIC has been a member almost since their inception 20 years ago and has seen how creative and innovative – reactive and unafraid to adopt new methodologies – the EU|BIC community is when facing adversity and uncertainty.

By nature, the EU|BIC community is collaborative and members are always willing to rely on each other and co-design a better future. That is what congress is all about. And that is why we are calling on members to already get involved one year before congress to co-design the programme with JIC and the secretariat, to showcase the best from the network and deal with the issues affecting the majority.

Laura Lecci, CEO at EBN

Co-design the programme

EBN Congress is powered by the EU|BICs and for the community – as such, the EBN secretariat and JIC are very interested in hearing from you about what themes would you like to see addressed in 2023.

Feel free to email João Carvalho, David Uhlir, Laura Lecci or anyone else in the EBN secretariat any and all suggestions you might have. We will be looking forward to hearing from you

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