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2022 EU|BIC Impact Report

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In 2021, the global community of Certified EU|BICs and Associate members grew to a total of +165 organisations in 30+ countries. 36,000 entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups and SMEs are now supported by an EU|BIC. And this is not just because of a growing community with more EU|BICs and partners. EU|BICs are growing bigger, and more effective while often courageously located in emerging regions – reflecting on the growing conversation in the innovation sector around sustainable, regional economic development.

Laura Lecci, CEO of EBN

For the EU and its Member States, 2030 is the culmination of an ongoing plan for the digital transition, which will see businesses and people empowered through digital citizenship, cooperation, and investment in skills and infrastructure.

The EU|BIC community and EBN have adopted demand-driven, Responsible Research and Innovation, and inclusive incubation approach in numerous regions, empowering all entrepreneurs, scientists, corporates, governments and citizens to develop challenge-based solutions benefiting their daily lives. This way we maintain their commitment to using technological breakthroughs as positive impact and accountability for our regions – even through leadership and business environment changes.

EBN creates definitive standards for business support organisations measuring their entire economic and social output — and looking to improve how they engage and support their (could-be) entrepreneurs, customers, and communities; affect regional systems; and incorporate all these stakeholders into their corporate governance.

EU|BIC Specific
Mission Commitments

Regional Sustainable Economic Development

We endeavour to build well-connected innovation ecosystems that support the economic development of European regions.

Quality Business Support

We conduct our operations in a manner that delivers the most excellent innovation support services possible.

Access to Finance

From inception until today, we endeavour to provide a steady pipeline of innovative, investment-ready companies and foster supportive investment opportunities.

Scaling European Innovation

Our pan-European nature is one of our greatest assets to bolster the internationalisation potential of European startups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs.

2022 EU|BIC Impact Report

EU|BIC Certification is the foundation of a growing innovation community that puts people, regions and the planet in the centre – it is the blueprint to achieve our local and global goals.

Authors: Isabel Carreira, Florian Sora, Bram Pauwels – EBN

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