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Game-changing initiatives developing regional attractiveness - EU|BIC Startup Madeira

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Author: Carlos Soares Lopes, CEO at Startup Madeira

Digital Nomads Madeira Islands is an initiative developed by the Regional Government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and the expert digital nomad and consultant, Gonçalo Hall. Alongside our partners, this project aims to prepare, promote and create a unique community with digital nomads from all over the world. So far we’ve received over 13000 registrations, from 127 countries. And since February 2021, Madeira Islands have welcomed, at least, over 6000 digital nomads.

We started with the pilot project (February to June 2021), but now it will continue until 2024.

The project allows Madeira Islands to attract working and entrepreneurial talent from anywhere in the world and it produces benefits of 1.5 million euros per month for the local economy (hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops). The nomads have “a very positive impact on Madeira Islands, by staying for longer periods, building a community, local companies, helping to fight tourism reduction and the seasonality of the tourism market.”

EU|BIC Startup Madeira designed the project in different locations of Madeira allowing digital nomads to enjoy safety, good infrastructures, fast internet and places to work from. Village nomads are granted shared co-working spaces and other free perks including a dedicated Slack channel for the nomad village, speedy Wi-Fi, and a local host who act as their go-to point-person. Networking, social, and community events are organized so participants can get to know each other and their host community.

The project has also teamed up with local businesses such as real estate, hotels and rental car companies for the nomads to use.

Discover more about Digital Nomads Madeira Islands at https://digitalnomads.startupmadeira.eu/.

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