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Global Startups Soft-Landing
– EU|BIC (CEEI) Cartagena

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Global Startups Softlanding, is an initiative of the European Business and Innovation Center of Cartagena (CEEIC) and the Regional Development Agency of the Region of Murcia (INFO), with the collaboration of the Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Cartagena (COEC) and the City Council of Cartagena. The Spanish startup ecosystem is maturing by leaps and bounds, there is more and more talent and a greater number of startups in emerging sectors in need of innovation.  

No one disputes the existence of ideas and talent in Spain and in the Region of Murcia, but there aspects to improve. One is the lack of a global, international perspective, which makes the business think about the planet and not just one country or region as a game board. 

From its conception, the new generation of startups has an international character, and this is one of the keys to its growth. Digitalization has made globalization much more accelerated from the economic and business point of view, which is why, the sooner the startup assumes this strategic option as a growth path, its chances of survival and scaling will increase exponentially. 

When it comes to explaining the success of the “unicorn startups” born in the cradles of global entrepreneurship such as Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv, there is a great consensus on the evidence that in addition to talent and the existence of capital, their mentality was global from day one. 

The objective of “Global Startups” is to promote startups with high growth potential and prepare them to enter new international markets, as well as to come into contact with technology experts from the most important hubs in the world. The initiative has allowed startups to know the level of competitiveness of their products or services in relation to the existing technology in other markets, as well as to exchange experiences and get advice from successful entrepreneurs, founders of ICT startups and some of the most important business angels in Spain and the world. 

Global Startups, combining talent, startups and globalization, has connected 9 regional startups with high growth potential, a powerful ecosystem of hubs and participating international partners: USA (Silicon Valley); Israel (Tel Aviv); LATAM (Mexico and Colombia); EU (EBN Network). 

Amongst others, Global Startup offers participating startups: 

– Specific training from mentors from the main international hubs, located in global startup ecosystems, considered as the mecca of technological entrepreneurship (Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong). 

– Networking of high international potential, with working days with managers of other innovative businesses and mentors, in order to share knowledge, experiences and generate possible synergies. 

– Access to the different PERKS proposed by the program, valued at approximately 20,000 euros, which will provide quantitative value for international growth.  

– Possibility of preferential access to the CEEIC Technology Incubator with 6 months free of charge in its facilities or in its Coworking space. 

– Preferential technical assistance to the different awards for regional startups and technology or innovation labels, including the EBN network through its Soft-Landing program.  

– Support in the presentation to different sources of alternative financing: venture capital, business angels or investment vehicles. 

As for the predominant sectors where the participating startups are located, emerging sectors such as data intelligence, automation processes, artificial intelligence, software or data platforms for different business sectors (scientific congresses, sustainable housing and tourism services) stand out. It is worth mentioning the presence of two university spin-offs, one from the UMU and the other from the UPCT, both participants presented their own patents and the results of their research processes. 

The program has been highly valued by startups with high growth potential, especially for the quality of the speakers and the “one to one” sessions, the network of contacts and international networking achieved. In addition, CEEIC, as an international accelerator, has woven a network of contacts and spectacular synergies with major accelerators and ecosystems of several continents, which has allowed to consolidate Global Startup Softlanding as the first International Accelerator of the Region of Murcia. 

According to the heads and CEOs of the 19 participating startups, they plan to have a turnover of more than 14 million euros in 2023 with a forecast of more than 240 highly skilled jobs. 

This program has been fully aligned with the regional strategy of smart specialization RIS3MUR, in the objective: boosting entrepreneurship and business creation in the framework of actions to support incubators of ideas, hosting startups, university spin offs as well as their funding with seed capital and business angels. It is also part of the CiEMP 2022-2025 Strategy to promote entrepreneurship coordinated by the INFO. 

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