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Call to host Ocean Hackathon® 2023 in your town or city

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Ocean Hackathon® is a non-stop, 48-hour event during which teams develop a prototype and reflect on its use. This must be based on marine data made available by local, national and international providers.

Join the Ocean Hackathon® community in 2023 by hosting the event in your town or city from 17 to 19 November 2023.

5 good reasons to host Ocean Hackathon® in your city:

  1. You’ll benefit from 7 years of experience, including four years when it ran across multiple towns and cities
  2. You can showcase your region’s flagship topics and expertise
  3. You’ll identify new projects which innovation support organisations in your region can support
  4. You’ll develop new collaborations within the Ocean Hackathon® network

You can bring together your local marine, digital and innovation communities in a creative environment and raise your profile within the wider global marine and digital communities.

Would you like to host this event in your town or city?
Apply before March 31, 2023

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