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Webinar: Extended Reality Solutions for the Future of Transportation and Mobility

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Coventry University and EBN are proud to be partnering up on the webinar series dedicated to the transformative power of innovation through Simulation, Immersive and Experiential Technologies.

New technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are having a big impact on the workforce and economy. There is a huge demand for skills in the design, delivery and day-to-day use of these solutions. The adoption of innovative technologies across industries, including retail, education, disaster management, mobility, healthcare, and manufacturing, has been driven primarily by disruptive business models brought by globalization and digitization. We see the developments of digital tools and new business models in every single industry pushing the borders of how, when, where and what can be experienced.

Extended Reality Solutions for The Future of Transportation and Mobility

Our third webinar on transportation and mobility in collaboration with EU|BIC Coventry University will focus on the use of simulation, XR, and VR in transportation, featuring insights from experts at the National Transport Design Centre (NTDC) at Coventry University. One of the most exciting aspects of NTDC’s research is the novel application of Virtual Reality (VR). By simulating and evaluating user experience and wayfinding within an emerging future transport infrastructure to support urban air mobility (UAM), NTDC has paved the way for customer-centric design in futuristic transportation systems. Kevin Vincent, the Director of NTDC, will be discussing the importance of collaboration between academia, industry, and authorities in driving forward leading-edge research, education, and skills. This collaboration is crucial for creating socio-economic impact and sound policies for regulation and standards, especially for unmanned air and ground vehicles.

Sunil Budhdeo, Transport Innovation Manager of the Coventry City Council, will present the approach that the Coventry City takes towards the development of new technology for transportation, e.g. micro-mobility, Wireless Vehicle Detection or Electric-Vertical Take Off and Landing (E-VTOL). Sunil`s take one Urban Air Mobility will refer to the UK funded Air-One project, where NTDC contributed in collaboration with the Council. The project involved designing and building a vertiport, an urban airport for drones and ‘flying cars’, which was open for public visit in May 2022. Within the Air-One project, NTDC conducted user-centered research to better understand the customer journey and ensure that the user experience is considered in the design process of future transport systems for the cities.

For whom?

The joint webinar series will give the European startup, corporate, research, and innovation community an opportunity to get to know the world-class experts who will showcase their flagship projects, inspire industry collaborations, and share their exciting plans for the future.

The webinar will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the innovative research being conducted by NTDC and to gain insights into the future of transportation and mobility.


Sign up here to attend the webinar.


Kevin Vincent, Director of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Automotive Research and the National Transport Design Centre at Coventry University

Kevin`s role encompasses leading Centres’ relationships with Industry and Government focusing in particular on the strategy for Connectivity and Automation in transport, managing stakeholder management with national and local authorities and industry to generate new projects and contribute to driving the research and skills agenda.  

He has over thirty years’ experience in product and business development in the transportation industry both in private and public sectors with specific interest in EU & nationally-funded collaborative research and development projects. Kevin currently is Chair of the Research Advisory Board for the Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (part of Techworks), sits on the Interoperability working group for Zenzic, overseeing the connected and automated testbed facilities in the UK and is a member of the UK Automotive Council mission for Intelligent Connected and Automated Mobility leading on digitalization activities in the Regulation and Resilience working group.

Sunil Budhdeo, Transport Innovation Manager Coventry City Council

Sunil has over 35 years’ experience in the Traffic, Transport and ITS Industry. His current role as the Transport Innovation Manager at Coventry City has helped in development of new technology for transportation. Now venturing into the latest mode of transportation of Electric-Vertical Take Off and Landing (E-VTOL).

Joined Coventry City council in 2010 as UTMC Manager, responsible for the UTMC, Highway Network Development team and Managing the Response and Monitoring services. Lead advisor for Local Authorities in developing urban Air Mobility.

Successfully implemented UK’S first 4G Mesh network in Coventry, introduced Pay on Display Machine, RTPI, CCTV, ANPR Cameras and Wireless Vehicle Detection that use the 4G Mash network for communication.

Successfully completed various innovation project, funded by the European Union FP7, H2020 programme Coventry and Warwickshire LEP. Exploited the technology to secure funding for other CAV projects funded by Innovate UK and the DfT such as UK Autodrive, UK Cite and Parking Platform with other key partners. Supporting Coventry University with their transport related R&D projects. Delivered the first demonstration of an Autonomous vehicle driven on the streets of Coventry, introduced Micro Mobility as part of MaaS. Micro Mobility, intelligent Controlled /uncontrolled Crossing, Electrification of transport modes which will be operational in a city environment.

Lead PM for Future Flights Projects such as Urban Airport, Vertiport for E-VTOL, delivering the world’s first in the City of Coventry. Currently developing BVLOS Highways in Sky’s, project Skyways.

A member of the UTMC Standard and specification development group, TDI & TTF group and Chair of Yunex Traffic User group, Supporting UAP as a LA representative on their board of advisors. The desire to be innovative and set a high standard within the Transport Sector carries on.  

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